About this website

This is a personal website. A project where the creator shares and publishes their own created content as part of a personal project.

This is not a portfolio. None of what I'm writing here is meant to showcase anything and I'm not looking for a job. Just think of this as a blog.

The website was written entirely in HTML and CSS. And while it might not seem convinient for others (and myself up until a couple of months ago). I believe it is a good way to practice and try to improve my CSS skills.

A website written entirely in HTML/CSS is something I take pride in as the creator of this website. Check the javascript article. This also means that this website is perfectly readable in text based editors such as lynx and w3m.

What can I find here

This website contains a number of services that I host. I also plan to write some articles and publish them here as well as some links that I find useful.